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Our upgraded alternative to the classic 2-pin seat. This carbon seat offers a racing platform shape but at a much lower height, providing more paddler stability. The universal seat slides onto a very low platform, with a location stud at the back and thumbnut clamp at the front. It is easily adjusted fore and aft, and holds snugly at all positions. This same universal platform system can be fitted to the majority of our racing boats from stabilities 3-10 so is ideal for racing clubs where you would traditionally need all the different seat heights for each boat model. The lowest seat has an equivalent height to a low 2-pin seat, and the highest is broadly equivalent to a low platform setup. The step between height options is 10mm.

Fitting note

To ensure the seat is stable on a portage, even when upside down, there are two location points on the seat, a clamp at the front and a sliding stud at the back. It is important that you slide the black stud (at the rear of the seat) into the platform track before use. The stud can be adjusted with a flat head screwdriver if needed to dial in the ideal freedom of movement - not too loose, not too tight.. To adjust the seat position, loosen the thumbscrew at the front right to the top of the thread, now lift the front of the seat to disengage the location pin, and slide to the new position. You will hear a click once the pin has dropped into its new location hole. Retighten the thumbnut and you’re done. If you have completely removed the seat, we recommend installing the seat stud from the back of the platform first. Slide the seat all the way forward and slide the clamp into the track from the front - remember to loosen the thumbnut all the way off first.

Trimmed seats

With narrower hull designs (such as the Typhoon and Mirage front), the low and mid seat options may be too wide and foul on the sides of the kayak. We can trim your seat in width if required by special request, but bear in mind you still have to fit in the boat so this option may not be suitable for paddlers with wider hips. Please note there may be an extended lead time for the trimming service.