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The 2-pin floor mounted seat offers a more affordable and lighter alternative to that of the pro platform configuration. It also generally provides a lower centre of gravity for improved stability. We have a choice of low and high options for the Tor, Typhoon and Meister. It is also possible to arrange a workable low seat set-up for the Mirage/M50 also.

How to order

Seats are made to order so please allow 10 working days for manufacture. Colour: Black. For K1s and single tourers please select the front position. Many models only have one 2-pin seat height option, so please select 'Standard / Low' if you are unsure which to choose and we will either make the standard seat for your chosen model (as it would have originally left the factory) or the low version if one is available. The only model that shipped with a high 2-pin as standard was the Mirage Classic and M.50,

Please note that we can only provide seats for certain old discontinued models, so please check before ordering. We can only make 1-pin seats by special request and this may incur an additional set-up fee.

The Typhoon High seat is approximately 12mm higher with a slightly more pronounced back for extra resistance.