Shaft, Adjustable Carbon
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Shaft, Adjustable Carbon

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The same light-weight carbon shaft with a class leading adjustable joint that’s incredibly strong. Manufactured in the same shop, and to the same specification as other leading branded locks, this incredible joint is quick to use and as solid as a fixed shaft. The clamp is precision machined from a single block of aluminium, and now sports a stainless lever with integrated screw for better salt water performance and overall durability. For maximum longevity, the lock should be slackened off and rinsed regularly, especially in brackish or salt water. Turn the thumb lever 180 degrees to release the two halves of the paddle and return it to its original position to lock the shaft tight. There’s up to 10cm movement and markers to help you set the feather angle, both left and right.

Weight and approximate size:

  • Carbon shaft: 212g
  • Jointed shaft: 285g
  • Max Length: 130cm
  • OD: 30mm
  • ID: 26.9mm
  • Spigot length adjustment: 10cm